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There are so many photography seminars to choose from out there — that they all tend to run together after awhile.  That is until I saw the information about this all-women seminar being held in North Carolina, by four VERY talented photographers!  It is called "Love Affair" (read about it here) and it is sure to be one of the best out there — and they generated so much buzz around this retreat by saying only 40 women would make it in!  Well after about 200 photographers across the country signed up for the "notify" list I knew I had a slim chance.  But this morning at 10 AM I was on the site waiting for the registration to open up.  I was registered by 10:02, and it is a good thing because it sold out in 3 minutes!!!  So I received the phone call from Millie that I made it in, so here’s looking forward to February!











Keep an eye on the blog, because they are going to spotlight each of the attendees with a survey and photograph of us! 

Everyone has been so patient for this one — I gave you a sneak peek at the beginning of the week, and now for the full recap!  These two were married in the Ozarks with a wonderful outdoor wedding, followed by a rockin’ reception at Tantara!  They were so laid-back, and saw each other before the ceremony so we got a LOT of various shots all over the cool location.  There was no cake cutting — but everyone was served key lime pie (while the song played in the background about that flavor)!  All of my favorites are below, and of course the SLIDESHOW IS HERE










So last weekend after the wedding on Friday we spent some time with Dave’s family at the Lake of the Ozarks.  One of his nephews — well, now my nephew too — is an amazing wakeboarder.  There is a cable-park just south of us where it literally pulls wakeboarders, kneeboarders, and wakeskaters around a lake on a cable system until you can’t hold on any more!  Since I had all of my camera equipment with me, I thought that I would get a fun shot of Collin with one of his MANY boards — and we are going to head out to watch him in a competition today with a lot of the family.  Wish him luck!

(For you photogs out there — this is a little off-camera flash, bounced into an umbrella to camera-right!) 


It is such a great thing to see your closest friends start their families — and when all of your girls can be together (all but one who lives out of town!) to see the new parents in action — words just can’t explain it.  And I love that I get to capture it all, and that in just a few short months he will look so different!  We started out with some shots while he was fast asleep in his crib, and after a quick snack for Calvin he was awake for some action!

Enjoy the SLIDESHOW HERE everyone!




 _H5A1153a.jpg _H5A1282a.jpg

_H5A1216a.jpg _H5A1185a.jpg

At two weeks old, this little girl sure has a LOT of faces!  And totally cute shoes for when those feet are ready to take her where she wants to go!  My good friends Brian & Shelley welcomed little Norah into the world, and I couldn’t wait to capture this precious time in their lives.  They are fellow music-lovers, so the song choice had a little more pressure this time — but I think that it fits!  Enjoy the SLIDESHOW HERE of baby Norah!

The last image was our final shot — I guess I made quite an impression if she stuck her tongue out at me! 🙂 





_H5A1040a.jpg _H5A1126a.jpg _H5A0990a.jpg  




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