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This past Saturday was the wedding of Jennifer & Ian — and the colors, details, weather, and everything came together so perfectly!  I love fall colors, and deep shades of red and orange highlighted the florals for this special day.  Both of them were so relaxed, and excited to see one another for the first time as she walked down the aisle!  They rented a limo for the wedding party to take pictures in between, so we went to Loose Park for some gorgeous images.  The people and places that made this day happen are below, and their SLIDESHOW IS HERE — you must watch this one!

Salon: Cutting Loose
Church: Countryside Christian Church
Reception: the Doubletree, Overland Park
DJ: Encore DJ (my fave in the business!)
Florist: Bella Design Studio
Photography:  Me! πŸ™‚

 First up the Ladies:
and then the Gents:








these guys were just TOO COOL… πŸ™‚

Sunday afternoon I got to spend a little time with Kristin and Ben, who are getting married in July of next year.  And now I KNOW how much fun we are going to have on their wedding day!  I think that this first image says it all:


We started out at the Plaza where they have hung the red lanterns for the Art Fair.  It turns out that these two have spent some time in Japan, and walk around those lanterns all the time!  So it made sense to start there, and then head to the park.  I cannot wait for their wedding — I have some plans for this crazy guy, Ben… πŸ™‚

More favorites below, and THEIR SLIDESHOW HERE!




I just love the texture-effect on this last image — so neat and gives a whole new feel for the moment! 


Yesterday morning I met this lovely family out at Loose Park to get some pictures of their little girls Isabelle (2.5) and Elorah (1)!  These girls started out a little camera-shy, but once they were able to play a little bit with their toys they were ready to smile for me!  Of course some of the toys (Puppy and Tiggies) had to be photographed before Isabelle was ready… πŸ™‚  I love so many of the images that we captured, but here are some favorites and their SLIDESHOW!!

 Did I mention that having a bug on her hand made Isabelle SMILE! πŸ™‚ 

One of the greatest parts of walking through a family’s home is seeing images that document the major milestones they have experienced.  Even more, is when all of those images are ones that you have taken, and remember like they were yesterday.  Tuesday morning I went to a familiar house to photograph the adorable little Skyler — and as I walked through their home I saw the engagement pictures, the wedding pictures, and handed Lori her maternity images that were soon to be framed.  There is so much love in this home — and I cannot wait to see Skyler grow and experience that love each day.  Pretty soon, she will be able to walk through that home and see her own milestones reflected back at her… πŸ™‚






I have had a lot of recent inquiries about if I design/offer baby announcements — and that answer is YES!  I am currently updating my library of designs for these beautiful art cards, so I thought that I would share a couple of the options I am working on for Baby Norah.  These are goregous cards that can either be 2-sided, or a folded card (4-sided) — printed on art, linen, or satin paper.  The highest quality printing is sure to make this a keepsake for all family and friends!



I use the same product for my holiday cards, so if you have had a family session recently and would like to think about Christmas cards it is not too soon!!

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