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I love when I get to see families grow and change — and this one is especially true.  Some people are just so genuine, and the S family is just like that.  I photographed Rhonda and Jim’s wedding a few years back (I was still film at that time), and then when they had little Sam we did a family session!  Well, now that Kate is about the same age that Sam was, they decided it was time for another session!  They have so MANY great shots, I had a hard time picking the ones to put on the blog.  You must watch this slideshow!






  • Bethiclaus - So, yes, I am commenting on a post from 2007, but I’m sure I saw these pictures when they were originally posted, but Sam has been one of my students and I hang out with Kate at the center most afternoons. Look how little they both were!

I have had the opportunity to photograph the "P" family on many occasions (here is last year, end of the entry), starting when little Grace was young, and now with her little brother Christopher.  Well this time, they wanted more of their family in some pictures — so we rallied the whole gang out at the park for lots of different pictures!  Since there were so many combinations, I thought it would be the easiest to do a feature on the kids… ๐Ÿ™‚  Here is your slideshow!






Today was one of those gorgeous Fall days that makes we welcome the season more than ever!  For the second year in a row, I was able to photograph the "T" family at Antioch Park!  This family played a KEY role in the catering of my wedding, and people are still talking about how amazing the food was!  I loved spending some time with you, and here is your slideshow set to the New Orleans blues!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

I think that we have the next Ad for Callaway…

Alfred even had a portrait done this time!
Tomorrow there are three more portrait sessions, so this week LOTS of Fall pictures! 

I posted awhile ago with some holiday card designs, and a note that if you ordered by October 31st you would receive 10% off your order — well today is the final day!  Lots of you have taken advantage of the promotion and placed your orders, but some of you still haven’t — so just to entice you some more, I have released a new custom line called the Ribbon Series, and below are just a couple of the options!




And one more card just for fun, for the previous series!


And one more just added!

Monday afternoon I had a BLAST with Jessica and Ryan!  It is a rare occasion that I only have one shoot on a day, so we went to both the park and the Plaza as well.  These two were naturals together — and you can tell that they are completely in love just by the way they interact with one another.  They have even volunteered to be my models whenever I want to try anything new…so perhaps they will be my next Trash the Dress couple after their wedding next November? ๐Ÿ™‚  I know that Jessica is checking the blog religiously, so here is the SLIDESHOW and some of my favorites below!


I love this image — one because the guy didn’t care that we were taking pictures, but also that it didn’t matter because they were only thinking about each other in this moment!


Since these two are adding the Custom designed photo-guest book to their package, we got to do a couple of "Series" images — including the one I like to call Photo Booth!

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