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Lots of people did not believe me when I said I have a LOT of pregnant friends this year, well the proof is in the pictures!  I put together a quick chart of my friends that were pregnant/had babies this year.  It has the Mom’s name, birth date/time, First & Middle name, and the weight!  And for those expecting, their information too!

I love seeing all of the babies together in one place, and this makes it even easier to compare all the birth weights/times!  So enjoy the in-progress charts, and I will keep adding babies as they enter the world!!


My weekend started off with one of those weddings that is constantly full of energy and emotion — and I LOVE those days.  These two agreed to see one another before the ceremony, so we were able to get a lot of amazing images!  I loved the chemistry between Danielle & Ryan, and I think that we were able to capture it for them.  Hope you are having a wonderful time on the honeymoon, HERE IS THE SLIDESHOW for you to enjoy, along with some of the top images from the day!

_H5A1455a.jpg _H5A1489a.jpg







_H5A1526a.jpg IMG_0851a.jpg






_H5A1632a.jpg  _H5A1795a.jpg


a little girl named Skylar!  She is so excited to meet her — and so am I!  For those of you that have followed me from the old blog, you may remember Lori’s Florida wedding on the beach last year.  Now these two cannot wait to have this little girl in their lives.  Her good friend (and mine) Deborah was also there to get a couple of shots together — and she will have her own session when it is closer to her due date too!  Here are the top images, and a little SLIDESHOW for her!






My mid-day session on Sunday was with little Samantha — who wasn’t yet a week old!  And this little one has more clothes than I do for sure — so she is going to be one well-dressed baby!!  I photographed her Mom & Dad’s wedding a couple years ago, so I love when I get to document all of the big events in a growing family’s life!  Enjoy my favorites, and of course HER SLIDESHOW HERE!

_H5A2312a.jpg _H5A2446a.jpg  


_H5A2337a.jpg _H5A2373a.jpg  



…the new board is AWESOME!  We had quite a group with us at the lake last night, so I tried to get good pics of everyone doing some wakeboarding — Dave got a couple of me too.  But we both love the new board, so enjoy the shots!  (I will be posting a couple more portrait sessions today as well!)




IMG_1156a.jpg IMG_1175a.jpg





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