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One of the greatest parts of walking through a family’s home is seeing images that document the major milestones they have experienced.  Even more, is when all of those images are ones that you have taken, and remember like they were yesterday.  Tuesday morning I went to a familiar house to photograph the adorable little Skyler — and as I walked through their home I saw the engagement pictures, the wedding pictures, and handed Lori her maternity images that were soon to be framed.  There is so much love in this home — and I cannot wait to see Skyler grow and experience that love each day.  Pretty soon, she will be able to walk through that home and see her own milestones reflected back at her… πŸ™‚






I have had a lot of recent inquiries about if I design/offer baby announcements — and that answer is YES!  I am currently updating my library of designs for these beautiful art cards, so I thought that I would share a couple of the options I am working on for Baby Norah.  These are goregous cards that can either be 2-sided, or a folded card (4-sided) — printed on art, linen, or satin paper.  The highest quality printing is sure to make this a keepsake for all family and friends!



I use the same product for my holiday cards, so if you have had a family session recently and would like to think about Christmas cards it is not too soon!!

Secrets are hard to keep, and this one had to be one of the toughest!  My good friend Sarah has been dating Jamie for years now, and he is from/lives in Oxford, England.  Talk about long-distance!  But they have done it — both of them in school and relying on the phone/e-mail to keep in touch.  When I was told he was coming to the US a bit earlier to do some proposal planning, and that he wanted PICTURES I was floored!  I couldn’t wait to capture this life-changing moment for my friend.  So last night, a crew of people showed up at Loose Park to get things together, and prepare for the proposal.  Click the image below to watch the slideshow, and see the awful wig I wore to make sure she wouldn’t recognize me from the sidelines! πŸ™‚


I am going to be leaving town tomorrow morning with no access to voicemail or e-mail until late Sunday night.  So if you are trying to reach me I will be available on Monday for sure.  But I think that this is the best possible post to hold all you faithful readers until I return.  It is Winfield time — friends, camp fires, and great bluegrass music!

My final session of the day yesterday was with Christina & Joe — who will be getting married in Maui!  We started at the Raphael hotel where Joe proposed, and then just walked around that area since it was a completely new location for me!  The lighting could not have been better — 5 PM with some light clouds covering the sun — *sigh*!  We have a LOT of great shots, and I am sure that you noticed they are my new banner for the blog this month!  Their slideshow is here, and check out below!





I photographed this guy years ago…and his family… and his sister’s wedding…did I mention that I love this family? And when he chose to go downtown for his session I knew that it was going to be an awesome session,  Hid Dad Mike even carried my HEAVY bag the whole time as we walked all over the Crossroads!  Jake picked the song for his slideshow, and I think he even managed to have a good time while being my supermodel… πŸ™‚  Enjoy the SLIDESHOW HERE, and the top ones below!  (Oh and family, I included your fun shot at the end of the slideshow)





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