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I LOVED the idea when Chris came to me — he wanted a fun photo session to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his wedding day to the love of his life, Amanda.  And these two definitely have kept their love VERY alive!  Chris even brought some surprise gifts for Amanda — and I love the smiles and laughs that they both shared during the entire shoot.  I enjoyed photographing the love between your family before, and now the love between the two of you.  Enjoy your SLIDESHOW here, and favorites below!





I have been a little busy…make that A LOT busy…so there will be a TON of posts coming up soon!  A 10-year anniversary, two families, an engagement session, two more baby sessions and a WEDDING!  Just know that I am working super hard to get all of these edited/posted for everyone out there!

And since I cannot have an entry without a picture — I had to post about the "other man" in my life…I just love seeing him walking towards the front door each day with pictures, albums, or whatever else I have ordered!!!  🙂


Can you tell he was thrilled to get his picture taken?? 🙂 


On Tuesday this week I got to do something that is out of the ordinary — which of COURSE I love!  Ann & Rick were a couple that Dave & I met in our pre-marriage counseling classes, and they are just an awesome pair.  Well, they were married at the end of August, and Ann wasn’t all pleased with her wedding pictures by another photographer — so she asked me if I could help her out!  Of course I said yes, and we set a date to get all dressed up and retake some pictures at their church and the Nelson!  I love the shots that we got — especially the one below where I had Ann lay on the ground!  I think that is going to be a 20×30 for my office… 🙂  Enjoy you two, and I hope that this is more of what you wanted for your wedding images!  HERE IS THE SLIDESHOW — set to their first dance…



First off I wanted to send a thank you to Danielle in CO — she was married just this August and everyone involved was so much fun for her wedding day!  What a surprise when I opened my mail to find a thank you note with a gift certificate to the Nailery!  A girl has to pamper herself once-in-a-while ya know… 🙂  To all of my brides who have sent notes/gifts — THANK YOU!  It is always such an unexpected surprise!
Another bonus about being gone for a few days is you get to come home to a lot of packages, including this awesome new camera strap that I got to match my logo colors!
And of course, a couple of images from the Sand Dunes!  It was a successful trip with a LOT of great riding.  I hope to make this an annual trip for sure, because it is by far my favorite place to ride.  So all images are taken with my point-and-shoot — because I didn’t want to chance any sand in my good gear!  Click the image below to see the full size! 
I have a few shoots this week, so stay tuned! 

As you can tell by the enormous amount of entries lately, I have been pretty busy!  But I did have time to do something for another good cause.  Many people know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month — and Oliver’s Salon is doing something fun to raise some cash!  So both Jenni and I went in and received pink extensions!  They are $10 (for 2 strips of pink – I went for 2 strips on each side of my head) and all of the money goes to charity.  And after about a month, they will wash right out — so a fun way to go pink, but nothing permanent!  Below are the pictures of each of us sporting some PINK – my pic is my point-and-shoot camera, and Jenni’s taken while at last weekend’s wedding with the real deal:



Also Dave and I are taking off today to Oklahoma — where there are some dunes just waiting to have 4-wheelers carve some new sand tracks!  So I will be away from e-mail and voicemail until Monday — so don’t think that I am ignoring any of you… 🙂  Here is a picture from last year — it is so amazing out there, not to mention FUN!  Have a great weekend everyone!


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