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As you can tell by the enormous amount of entries lately, I have been pretty busy!  But I did have time to do something for another good cause.  Many people know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month — and Oliver’s Salon is doing something fun to raise some cash!  So both Jenni and I went in and received pink extensions!  They are $10 (for 2 strips of pink – I went for 2 strips on each side of my head) and all of the money goes to charity.  And after about a month, they will wash right out — so a fun way to go pink, but nothing permanent!  Below are the pictures of each of us sporting some PINK – my pic is my point-and-shoot camera, and Jenni’s taken while at last weekend’s wedding with the real deal:



Also Dave and I are taking off today to Oklahoma — where there are some dunes just waiting to have 4-wheelers carve some new sand tracks!  So I will be away from e-mail and voicemail until Monday — so don’t think that I am ignoring any of you… 🙂  Here is a picture from last year — it is so amazing out there, not to mention FUN!  Have a great weekend everyone!


Saturday was the big day for my great friends Elizabeth & Kyle.  I have known Elizabeth since college — working tech-support in the KSU-Union!  I love how happy these two are when they are together — and she worked SO hard on each and every detail in the wedding.  From the ribbons, the printed golf tees, and the Sudoku puzzles on the tables for guests!  They also saw one another before the ceremony, and we went to Sprint campus for their pre-pictures!  It was so cool to go somewhere new, and we went all over for some neat looks.  I even got to experiment with some more off-camera lighting!  I love you guys, and I am so happy for you both.  Cannot wait to see pictures from your honeymoon in January — and in the meantime here is your SLIDESHOW!!







Think these two were having fun? 


I love when I run into couples that I have photographed in the past.  Here are Justine and Jeremy, and they were due to have their baby YESTERDAY!  Some of you long-time followers may remember their wedding from the old blog!  There was another couple as well, Elise and Dustin, but their wedding is from my film days, so I can’t go back to those old pictures!


Dress:  Bridal Extraordinaire
Flowers:  Bella Design Studio
Church:  St. John the Evangelist
Reception:  Liberty Hall
Photography:  Peters Photography

Last Friday I drove to Lawrence, KS for the wedding of Kathy and Brad.  You may remember some of their great faces and FUN engagement pictures from the old blog — so I knew that they were going to be a lot of fun.  They agreed to see one another before the ceremony since it was a Friday wedding, so we were able to get several amazing images all over around the church!  The bridesmaids dresses were adorable, from Vera Wang — and Kathy was just elegant.  I posted a sneak peek of her, but here is the full feature.  I loved their first dance song, and HERE IS THE SLIDESHOW!


I love Brad’s face for Kathy’s reveal! 






I am still working on Saturdays wedding — so stay tuned! 

My second session today was with a special little boy named Mattias (pronounced mah-TIE-us)!  I have been friends with Erika for years now — we met at my previous Marketing job.  She is just one of those people that glows, all the time.  So I love to see her and her husband Jason together because they are just so happy!  And even more so with their new little guy.  We had a great time just laughing and chatting — and watching all of the faces Mattias could make.  I cannot wait for his 4-month session, but in the meantime here is his SLIDESHOW!





Through a friend-of-a-friend I found this great t-shirt website, and once I saw a design that matched my brand colors I just had to purchase one for not only me, but the hubby too.  I must have been multi-tasking, because I ordered the wrong one out of two options!  Luckily Andy (the owner/founder of the company) was totally cool, and agreed to meet me so I could trade for the right ones — little did he know that he would be subject to a "parking-lot shoot"!!  He did awesome — and I want all of you to check out his website.  Not only do the shirts feature unique designs, but you are supporting a worthy cause!  Check out the montage of Andy below — and be sure to go to the website INTERWOVEN THREADS since they are adding a new shirt design soon!  Tell him where you found the site, so we know how much impact you all can make!


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