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Monday afternoon we had a scheduled time to be at the park for Alex’s senior session — but the cold wind and rain forced us to come up with a back-up plan.  The best part — the back-up turned out to be a better fit for this girl!!  She plays the cello, acts in Drama, swims, and does debate!  I am sure I am leaving something out of there — but I knew that we were going to have a great shoot with all of the cool stuff that she brought — and I love the cello shots!  Thanks for being so much fun Alex, and I am glad to know that you had a lot of fun too!  Here is your Slideshow!!



Her Mom held my off-camera flash to camera left for this cool & dramatic shot! 



You may recognize one of these family members from her Senior session not too long ago — well they are back for a family portrait!  We went out to the park with the best dog (Max) and had a lot of fun with some running/jumping/Blue Steel looks — it was a blast!  They were so much fun together, and I feel honored to capture their great relationship with one another.  I know that they cannot wait to see them, so here is the Slideshow!





I knew it was going to be a fun session when we started out on the swing-set…and boy was I right!  Ben was wanting updates on the Chiefs game (and of course, so did I) and I think that he was surprised how quick these sessions are!  I think that we completed the entire park, plus an outfit change in about 40 minutes!  I love when you shoot many times at the park how you can use different elements — the orange wall worked awesome, and I am glad that the session was a bit fun for Ben… 🙂  I love so many of the pictures, so here is the SLIDESHOW!





I had 4 sessions at the park on Sunday, and one of them was this adorable couple Whitney & Ryan!  I love that they incorporated their wedding colors into what they wore — the bold/bright red & purple are going to look incredible at the wedding in May!  I didn’t have to ask them to get closer together once, they just worked together so well.  I look forward to capturing your wedding in Ft. Leavenworth, and enjoy your Slideshow here!! 🙂





It is always great to see families each season, especially ones as great as this!  The "B" family is always a lot of fun, and both girls were troopers when it came to the ferocious wind that was whipping through the park on Sunday morning!  We did some nice pictures, some fun pictures, and a couple of goofy ones too.  Dave is a pilot, so it only makes sense that they brought along Baron the dog… 🙂  It was great to see you guys again, and enjoy your slideshow HERE!

If they ever start a family band — they already have an album cover… 🙂

I added some texture to the image below — I love the effect!



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