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Tuesday afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting this little guy — and he was SO cute!!  You know I love all those baby faces, and he was workin’ it for the camera for sure.  He even held his head up for a long time for some of these pictures — amazing for a 1-month old!  How do you pick favorites of a cute little one?  It is hard work, but here they are along with his SLIDESHOW!


This one he was changing into outfit #2, and I had to catch that cute expression!

Dad had never seen Nicholas do this before — and said that he has graduated from Dolphin Baby to Super Baby! 🙂


I am still playing around with those textures a bit — leave a comment about what you think of them!  Here is one picture with some texture added, and we wanted to show scale of little Nicholas in the big chair! 🙂


Three more baby sessions this Saturday — with Christmas lights and Santa hats — so come back soon! 

Ever wanted to have a canvas gallery wrap from some of your images?  Well now you have a great opportunity!  I am running a special on the gallery wraps if they are ordered from now until December 7th — so don’t wait and check them out!  Gallery wraps are so beautiful, and they do not require framing!!

Special #1: Receive 10% off one print, 15% off two prints
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Act fast! 

I am a firm believer in Nike Shox — these shoes are just amazing for my knees, which tend to hurt after running awhile.  So 3 pairs later, I decided to FINALLY create my own pair on!  Here is a glimpse, and they should get here before Christmas!  I even wrote "PhotoGal" on the back of the shoe…so fitting!


I have a session tomorrow, and three on Saturday all with BABIES!
Stay tuned for those, and some pictures of the Thanksgiving weekend! 

Yesterday was great — we spent all day with my awesome parents, ate a LOT, and then went back for more.  When we could get up we busted-out the Wii and played some tennis and bowling!  My body is a little angry with me right now, but I will get back into my grove next week!  We are about to head to Warsaw, MO to have Thanksgiving Round 2 with Dave’s huge family of 37 people.  Quite the contrast to the 4 of us yesterday!  My sister wasn’t even there — since she is in China traveling for work (Germany, China, and then Singapore — HI ABBEY!).  Of course I took a photo of Mom & Dad, and had Mom snap one of Dave & I in the back yard.  So here are a couple of pictures — and I am sure I will have more from this weekend.  There is sure to be lotsa action, 4-wheeling, and lots more turkey!


I don’t get internet up there — so to all clients I will return all e-mails/calls on Monday! 

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