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Look who has made his debut into the world — just in time for his First Christmas!  Meet Hayden, the sweet little baby who did an amazing job for his Newborn session.  Big sister Emrie was so excited to show me her room and her favorite books…not to mention hold her baby brother!  I cannot wait to document this sweet guy over his First Year…enjoy these adorable faces! 🙂

Ah this adorable family — they traveled into town for some photos and I am SO HAPPY that they did.  It may have been a chilly day, but with some dancing and cuddling you’d never know!  Adam loved that there were trains going by constantly, and Julie was sweet enough to let me hold her baby doll during photos.  🙂  I cannot wait to share their images, and these sweet faces!

Family photos are stressful for sure — but add onto that traveling and staying in a place that isn’t home, I think this family deserves an award!  Poor little Sylvia was feeling under the weather as well, but we definitely snuck a few smiles in there.  The big sisters are so sweet to her, and always full of smiles for me!  Thank you all for braving the cold, and working this session into your limited time here in KC… 🙂

This session for James’ 6-month was supposed to be just James…meaning one sister was napping and the other was having fun just playing in the playroom.  Mom & Dad were going to let the focus just be on the little guy!  But then Kate started sneaking over to where we were shooting, Ellie woke from her nap with epic bed-head, and before we knew it the whole family was playing together!  It just kinda, happened!  And I love when things do that…so while James still had MOST of the focus, everyone got in on the fun too… 🙂

As the Fall season winds down, we are so fortunate that the nice weather has stuck around for family portraits!  Eric contacted me just in time for a session before I close in December…and I’m so glad that he did.  His boys were so much fun, had a ton of energy, and have such a great relationship with one another!  When they aren’t wrestling a bit… 🙂  It was fun, relaxed, and we captured some excellent images of their lovely family.  Enjoy!

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