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Each and every newborn that I meet is special…& Hannah Rose is EXTRA special for so many reasons. She is lovely, has this incredible red-toned hair, and is already showing her strength at just days old. Big Brother Noah is adjusting to the new normal, and has such a great love in his eyes when he looks at her (in between playing with trucks)… πŸ™‚ I cannot wait to see her again at 6-months! Congratulations you guys…your very own Rainbow…

During my own maternity leave, I had to miss the newborn session for this sweet girl…but how exciting to jump back into her First Year Program at 6-months! It was a really cooooold day, and we were not up for fighting the crowds at Union Station…so into a small studio space we went. Catherine (Kate) did amazing, and was so animated! Big sister Ellie seems so grown-up now…I remember when she was just a tiny baby too. Time is so bittersweet!

The newest member of the Baby’s First Year program is HERE — and he’s an absolute dream. Meet Cameron, who once fed was the most chill little guy for his various poses as a newborn ever… πŸ™‚ He has such expressive eyes already, and his parents have a connection to him that is so apparent already. I cannot wait to see him again at 6-months!

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