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The last session of Lucy’s First Year happened, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. We met on a perfect crisp morning, and the sun was heavenly pouring through the trees. Lucy was smiley at the start, and then we made the mistake of putting her in the grass…oops!  She hates…grass… After several snacks, and some snuggles, we let her stand by a tree and the smiles were magically back. A great way to end the Program…thank you guys!

I was beyond thrilled when it was time to meet these sweet girls — I’ve known their parents for awhile now, and for one reason or another I haven’t been able to photograph several of their big moments of life!  But this year that all changed, and I was able to photograph their new twin girls Marin & Mae. I laughed when I saw Ramsey post something online about having “His and Hers Twins” because Mae looks like him and Marin looks like Ali!  Yet somehow they look alike as well…genetics are just so fascinating. I’m thrilled for their family, and cannot wait to share their images!

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It is always exciting to see a kiddo you know so well, become a BIG SISTER.  Ainsly is beyond excited to have this title, and I love seeing her jump right in for bottles and baby-cuddles!  I cannot believe how much Eleanor looks exactly like Ainsly did when she was born.  And even acted a bit like Ainsly at HER newborn session — not into it!  But after a long battle, the adults triumphed and she was asleep in the basket… 🙂  I cannot wait to see this crew again soon, as she’s on the First Year Program!

Are you ready for some amazing 6-mo-old hair?!  Henry has some of the BEST I’ve seen, and he’s sitting up already!  Breakin’ hearts already I say… 🙂
James and Lila are hilarious, especially at the end of the session as Lila let big brother pull her towards the car in the wagon.  SO GREAT.  I cannot wait to see everyone again when Henry is one-year…I wonder if the big kids will be ok sharing the cake…??

It’s truly an honor when another photographer asks you for images…so I was extremely excited to take this crew to my favorite Fall spot!  The kids were hilarious, and just like good siblings there was a lot of teasing…which means great smiles!  The weather was perfect, and we even snagged a few of Jamie by herself.  Because we are always needing updated head shots…right?!  Thank you for trusting me with this important job, and I hope you love them as much as I do!

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