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I was so excited to meet this family — they had twins, and were up for some FUN I could tell! So we had lovely sunshine, and while the littles weren’t too sure of me at the start, eventually I won them over… 🙂 We played with a blanket, and I let them climb on the prop-crate. What more could toddlers ask for!

When I think back to the first family session with this crew, Berkley was just 1-year old…and this year the whole crew of kids stepped out of the car and I about fell over. They are all BIG…and there were no tears at all for 2019! That’s how you know they are growing up…everyone listened so well, and we wandered around downtown for some of my favorite images/colors yet with their family! Now can they stop growing so fast please?

This yellow tree gave me ALL THE COLOR for a solid week or so, and we jumped on it with this family! They hadn’t had family photos done since their youngest was a baby…so it was time… 🙂 The girls actually had a lot of fun, and I loved the images we grabbed for the Fall!

Every year, Beth and I collaborate on a cool image for her Christmas Card…and every year we wonder if THIS is the year that we go the traditional route. NOT THIS TIME! I have always known how much she adores Halloween (& Pumpkin) so I casually threw that idea out there. I’ve never seen a Halloween Christmas card…and boy did she take it to the next level! We had pumpkins, a black color scheme, and smoke bombs to really take it to the next level. It…was…AMAZING!

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