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There are some days you just need a small nap before you can deal with the task at hand…and this day, Lawson really needed a snooze! We tried all of our tricks, but this big guy wasn’t having it. At 6-months old, your naps are LIFE! So I told mom and dad to take him on a 15-minute drive and let him grab a few winks before we continued…and it worked! He had smiles, and really enjoyed the process from there. Hooray! Enjoy!

Our plan was for a late-week session, but the forecast was threatening a drop in temps for the 100th time this “Spring”…so a last minute change, a quick cake-baking, and we were ready for photos the next day! I’m so glad we did, and there were even wild Daffodils that helped create some of my favorite images of the session. Thank you both for trusting me to swap-dates, and letting those kiddos have some fun that day!

You may have seen her “BIRTH” day, where we captured a room full of family members meeting her right after arriving in this world. But we weren’t done yet! A handful of days later it was time for HER session, where we really focused on this sweet baby girl in all her cuteness. Kate has the most amazing little face, and she is going to be fiercely protected by Grant and Brett as she grows. I cannot wait to witness it all, and see her a few times over these first 12-months! πŸ™‚

I’m sure you all will recognize Henry — he’s been in front of my camera since he was a Newborn, and it’s been so amazing watching his personality grow now that he is TWO! We met outdoors, and he was all about finding/throwing leaves…and I loved learning that he loves to play CHASE! Only his version involves Mom or Dad carrying him. These images are what I adore capturing, true fun between family members. They are totally involved with the games and laughter, and I get to document that amazing connection between them all! πŸ™‚

What an amazing privledge it was to be a small part of Kate coming into the world. Amy knew the date of her C-section, so we made plans for me to come and document the hours after she arrived! It was full of joy and excitement, and the big brothers were so sweet my heart almost exploded…for real. We had a newborn session at home where I could focus primarily on her…but this session was all about the people surrounding her with love!

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