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Nicholas is officially ONE, which means he has completed the Baby’s First Year program!  He’s such a laid-back little guy, and loves when his sister ROARS at him…which was a useful tool for this photo shoot.  Caroline was extra silly on this day, and had lots of smiles for me!  Both kids have been a blast to work with, so let’s jump to some images!

Remember this dreamy Expecting session from not too long ago?  Well, Mr. Everett decided that he was ready to get here early!  So we met up last week, and had a family photo session that included their sweet dog, Cooper… 🙂  He followed us around the house, practically begging to be photographed!  Everett was a relaxed little guy, who rocked all of the poses/moving around that we did, and even gifted us a few smiles.  I cannot wait to see that hair grow even more for the 6-mo session!

I absolutely adore seeing this family — I’ve been a part of their lives since the Engagement session, and visiting their home is a guarantee to have lots of laughs!  The kids are a blast, and I love that I suggest we run outdoors for a second and they all just head out the door in total trust.  These trees are on a small island in the cul-de-sac, with houses all around…but I just KNEW we had to use them for a quick Spring family image!  I’m so excited that Henry is on the First Year Program, and it wont be long until we are shooting his 6-mo photos… 🙂

While this Winter didn’t give us much snow, I’m so happy that Riley’s photos happen to fall on a day with lots of thick flakes!  Mom and Dad came prepared with this adorable snow suit, and Riley adored being outside standing on her own in the accumulation.  After a few quick outdoor images, we had to have some indoor as well for her big balloon!  I can hardly believe she’s graduating from the First Year Program already…that smile has been so amazing at each of her shoots!  🙂

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