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Another little one has completed my First Year Program — and I simply cannot believe it!  Hayden is a BUSY guy, with lots of things that need crawling/climbing on, getting into, etc etc.  But I was able to chase him around a small studio and trap him in a prop or two for some of his 1-year images!  All while Big Sis was beyond in love with her lovely red dress, and couldn’t wait to have photos done in it…she’s so much fun! 🙂  Enjoy!

When the weather is chilly, it’s so nice having access to a small daylight studio!  Tara and Clint arrived prepared with their own Christmas Tree for Kate’s 8-mo session…and it was so much fun.  Max was full of energy, and Kate is movin and groovin all over!  It was a great session, and we laughed a LOT about the joys and challenges of parenting… 🙂

My final session before Thanksgiving was this silly bunch — and we ended with a bang!  I mean, just look at that first sibling shot…we could have stopped there and I’d be happy… 🙂  They are some of the kindest people, and after a few reschedules and shifts we ended up with a practically perfect day.  How lucky that I get to document/follow so many amazing kiddos as they grow up?  Too fast I might add…enjoy!

Another family that endured some chilly temps for their session is the Bracco crew!  I remember Brandon being a little toddler, Chase a tiny baby…and Caroline and Nate being welcomed into the family.  How are they all such big kids now?!  I love having them shout a little, tickle one another, and really have fun.  It’s hard to call this kind of session “work” when everyone is so happy!  Another year of photos is complete!

It’s exciting to watch a family grow — especially when it’s a family that you’ve been with for over a decade…!!  This crew really braved some MAJOR cold for these images, but thank goodness they did because it was a perfectly golden afternoon with Fall colors.  They didn’t mind snuggling a bit (even Sam!) and definitely had me cracking-up with some of their expressions… 🙂

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