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I was so excited to meet little Kate — and apparently SHE was really excited to meet the world too!  She decided to make an early appearance, and her family is thrilled to have her in their arms.  Big brother Maxwell is so pumped, and he even managed to hold her fairly still for a few images (which is really hard)!  I’m thrilled for everyone in this crew, and look forward to more sessions with Kate over the coming year…congratulations!

The wind may have been strong, but the rain decided to out-do it by giving us a (quick) downpour as we neared the end of Cole’s session!  We all ran to the cars and patiently waited to finish the photos…and Cole was such an amazing trooper.  He’s got these cheeks that you cannot resist, and the happiest little smile ever!  It’s hard to believe how much he has changed since the newborn session.  It was so much fun to see (and run with) you guys last week…thank you, and see you in the Fall for 1-year!

The theme of this session seemed to be squirrels and dogs; the former running around all of the spots we were shooting and the latter being Nicholas’ focus anywhere he saw one!  It may have been a little windy, but after the kiddos adjusted to the temps they were off and running.  Nicholas is a speedy 2-yr old for sure, and my preggo self could barely keep up with him!  Caroline has that sweet little smile, that I just adore.  It’s always fun to catch up with this crew, and I cannot wait to share their images!

I’ve photographed Amy and her family for years — and when she embarked on her blog-journey, she had no idea that her reach would grow so quickly!  So it was time to take it to the next level with professional images.  We’ve done some simple head shots before, but this time we grabbed some specific looks/ideas to cover content for the next three months while I’m on leave!  It was so much fun, and Amy rocked all of the crazy things I asked her to do.  I cannot wait for more collaborations down the road!  Please check her out at Beautifully Broken Journey!

Several years ago I photographed Margaret and Jason’s Engagement & Wedding…then they welcomed Ellie into their hearts and I had the privilege of documenting her many times over the last few years.  Well, imagine how HAPPY I was to hear that they are welcoming another sweet baby into their family!!  Not only that, but I will get to document this little one many times over the coming months (after my own leave of course).  Congratulations to this family, and I cannot wait to see Ellie as a BIG SISTER!

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