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The last time I saw some of this crew, Cooper was just 1-year old!  Well a lot has changed, including TWINS being added to the mix.  Combine that with a retirement for Papa (he worked at this building for 20-years), and it was the perfect time to gather everyone for photos!  The humidity was no joke…but meeting in the morning made is so much better.  I was honored to document another session for all of them, and I cannot wait to share! 🙂

Despite meeting in the early morning, KS-humidity was definitely still keeping us company…but that couldn’t stop the smiles!  Theo may only be one year old, but that smile will absolutely melt your heart.  Big sister Lila is so sweet with him, and I adore seeing their connection.  But try to give him a kiss?  He will swat you right across the cheek!! 🙂 Engagement (in Chicago), a Wedding, two kiddos…it’s been amazing to witness so much of it!

A girl who loves the outdoors, climbing, jumping, putting on a dress & necklace, reading books, and DINOSAURS.  When I grow up, I want to be just like Piper! 🙂  When her Mom told me that she wanted to do a session that was all fun for this girl, I just knew that it was going to be special.  Of course we still snagged the smiling Portraits, but then it was time to break out the hose to create some MUD and have fun!  And who wouldn’t want to end a hot session with running through the sprinkler?!  It was a total blast…thanks Piper for being so much fun!

Caleb!  How are you already 1-year old?!  Weren’t we just taking the Expecting & Newborn photos the other day?  Just look at this sweet face — he’s a happy little one (who doesn’t really like to sleep) and I just loved his expressive face for this morning session.  Maddi happens to love dinosaurs like my own little girl, so she showed me a couple when the photos were all done.  Did I mention her very…scary..ROAR??  It’s the best.  What will I do in 6-months when this family isn’t on my schedule!?

The baby of the family, isn’t so much a BABY anymore…Emery has reached the 1-year mark, which also means we have finished another First Year Program!  The two sweet sisters are changing so fast, I wish I could see them monthly.  Is that too much to ask?  We met up in the morning, and walked around the park letting Emery WALK wherever she wanted.  It was her day!  This family is so special to me, and I love seeing their kids grow up so happily.  They are all amazing humans, and I’m honored to be a small part of their world!

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