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Are you ready for one of the most squishable faces EVER?! Prepare yourselves…because Ryan has cheeks that you simply cannot resist! We had this session out at the Nelson, before everything shut-down…and it was just in time to snag that 6-month milestone! How adorable is this little family?! I can hardly believe her next session will be one…whole…YEAR…!

When you’ve photographed a group of siblings…all since they were newborns…the final First Year session for the last baby is so bittersweet! Tommy has always had a calm happiness about him, and while I was putting together his composite (fave image from each of the sessions) I couldn’t help but notice those joyful eyes! Tommy-tom, you are the sweetest little guy, and I am so honored I was able to watch you grow so much over the first 12-months!

You know when you meet a High Schooler, and you can FEEL the happiness they bring to the world? That was the case with Logan…he was cracking me UP the entirety of his session! We had no idea what was coming with a shut-down after these were taken, but I’m so glad we had these done. Logan is off to KSU (yay!), and will do amazing things for sure. Congrats on graduation, and I wish you nothing but success!

Before the shut-down, we had the most adorable little session with baby Hannah! Mom had plans for a sister-session, with balloons and a fab-cake to boot! After a quick stop in the backyard, we ventured indoors to play with the food. Hannah had such a great time, and we captured this 1-year milestone in a swirl of FUN!

This family and I go all the way back to their engagement session…and their wedding…then two sweet babies who I’ve adored documenting as they grow. They are just a couple of weeks away from welcoming baby boy to their family, and I’m thrilled that he will also be on the First Year Program! He will be so loved, and I can tell his older siblings are READY… 🙂

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