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It had been a couple of years since I saw this family, and the sisters had practically doubled their height in that time…whoa! But they are still close, and I loved playing with them around the Museum. Once we were done there, we journeyed a little bit north to some Fall trees to add even MORE color to what we had already! It was a pleasure, and I cannot wait to share their images!

In the peak of busy season, if you do something a little out of your normal routine, it is crazy how quickly your brain missteps! Mine did this the morning of the Davenport’s session…I arrived at their home in time to capture the morning fog, with the plan to drive South for some archery images! When I jumped into THEIR car instead of driving my own, then placing my camera in the backseat instead of the BACK of the car like I always do…let’s just say I caused some delays…oof! But luckily they are some of the best people ever, and Mitch promised me he wouldn’t tease me next year about it (and forcing him to drive back to the house, unnecessarily)…

It surprises me each year when I see these two for photos — how quickly time is passing and they are getting so big! Hudson is a RUNNER, so it’s a good thing I wore comfortable shoes… 🙂 Livvy loved to twirl in her long skirt, and we ended the session with the kiddos running under a blanket with glee! I call the whole thing a crazy success…

I was looking forward to this session more than I knew…and the moment we began shooting downtown I knew it was going to be amazing! Reagan brought some lovely outfits, and owned her session LIKE A BOSS. It was a true pleasure, and we laughed our way through a lot of crazy things that happened in the city that evening… 🙂

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