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On an early morning, this whole family coordinated a big session…and MOST of the participants were on board. However the littlest guy had other plans, and while he didn’t love every moment (honestly, most kids don’t!) we managed to sneak several smiles into his photos! I wanted to still include a couple sad images of his face, because SOME day this family will look back and laugh at those tears… 🙂

These are some of my FAVORITE people — and I always look forward to seeing them each Fall! Nora had a hand written note for me about being excited for photos (heart-explosion) and Ivy couldn’t resist some sneaky smiles in there too. Plus we were able to capture the Sunflower field fun!!

He may not have WANTED to take senior photos, but man did he do an amazing job with me!! Matthew loves music & memes, and after a short session we had three shirts and lots of images to show for it. I cannot wait to see what you do in the future Matthew!

Sunflowers have been on the wish-list for this family for AWHILE…so imagine how happy I was when our local field bloomed just in time for their scheduled session! We were actually planning on the following day, but thanks to this family shifting some plans around a bit we were able to utilize the last nice/sunny day for almost a week. The kids were amazing (as usual) and we captured a TON of fun images!

Last weekend, I met this family early in the morning for a 40th Wedding Anniversary gift…photos! I fully support this amazing present, and we captured all of the possible combinations of the Warner crew. It was so much fun, and I cannot wait for them to see the result!

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